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Rebecca Ponce de Leon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Columbia Business School

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about my work

I investigate the forces that contribute to inequality in organizations and society, with a focus on biases related to social stereotypes, category prototypes, and motivated reasoning. My research is grounded in the desire to better understand the mechanisms that stymie progress toward greater diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and communities.


Ponce de Leon, R., Carter, J. T. & Rosette, A. S. (Forthcoming). Sincere solidarity or performative pretense? Evaluations of organizational allyship. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. [data and materials available here]

Ma, A., Ponce de Leon, R., & Rosette, A. S. (2023). Asking for less (but receiving more): Women avoid impasses and outperform men when negotiators have weak alternatives. Journal of Applied Psychology. [link; data and materials available here]

Wingrove, S., Paek, J.J.W., Ponce de Leon, R., & Fitzsimons, G.M. (2023). Tying the value of goals to social class. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [link; data and materials available here]

Kay, A.C., Ponce de Leon, R., Kteily, N., & Ho, A.K. (2023). Motivated egalitarianism. Current Directions in Psychological Science. [link]


Ponce de Leon, R. & Rosette, A.S. (2022). "Invisible" discrimination: Divergent outcomes for the non-prototypicality of Black women. Academy of Management Journal. [link; data and materials available here]


Ponce de Leon, R.*, Rifkin, J.R.*, & Larrick, R.P. (2022). "They're everywhere!": Symbolically threatening groups seem more pervasive than non-threatening groups. Psychological Science. [link; data and materials available here]


Carter, J.T. & Ponce de Leon, R. (2022). Double jeopardy or intersectional invisibility? Reconciling (seemingly) opposing perspectives. Research on social issues in management (V. 3): The Future of scholarship on race in organizations.

Ponce de Leon, R. & Kay, A.C. (2021). Ironic egalitarianism: When hierarchy-attenuating motives increase hierarchy-enhancing beliefs. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. [link; data and materials available here]

Ponce de Leon, R., Wingrove, S., & Kay, A.C. (2020). Scientific skepticism and inequality: Political and ideological roots. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. [link; data and materials available here]

Ponce de Leon, R. & Kay, A.C. (2020). Political ideology and compensatory control mechanisms. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. [link


Rosette, A.S., Ponce de Leon, R., Koval, C.Z., & Harrison, D.A. (2018). Intersectionality: Connecting experiences of gender with race at work. Research in Organizational Behavior. [link]

select work in progress

Ponce de Leon, R.* & Bailey, E. R.* Communality and leadership. Under review.


Ponce de Leon, R. & Carter, J. T. Job fit for DEI leadership roles. Under review.

Ponce de Leon, R.*, Du, K. M.*, & Dobson, K. Stigmatization and authenticity. Working paper.

Seegars, L. B. & Ponce de Leon, R. Latent privilege and intersectionality. Working paper.

Ponce de Leon, R.*, Rifkin, J. R.*, & Sharma, E.* The emotional health tax. Writing stage.  

Ponce de Leon, R., Germano, A. L., & McMahon, C. E. Social identities shape the perceived deservingness of diversity resources. Data collection.

Ponce de Leon, R., Kim, J. Y., & Kay, A. C. Gender differences in support for men's behavioral change. Data collection.

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