I investigate the roles of social categories, like race and gender, and motivated beliefs, like social dominance ideologies, in shaping diversity-related phenomena. My research is grounded in the desire to better understand the mechanisms that stymie progress toward diversity and equality in organizations and society.

I will be joining Columbia Business School as an Assistant Professor of Management in July 2022.




  • Ponce de Leon, R. & Rosette, A.S. (Forthcoming). "Invisible" discrimination: Divergent outcomes for the non-prototypicality of Black women. Academy of Management Journal.

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                       perspectives. Research on Social Issues in Management (V. 3): The Future of Diversity & Inclusion.

  • Ponce de Leon, R. & Kay, A.C. (2021). Ironic egalitarianism: When hierarchy-attenuating motives increase hierarchy-enhancing            beliefs. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. [link; data and materials available here]

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Selected Work in Progress

  • Wingrove, S., Ponce de Leon, R., & Fitzsimons, G. M. [Topic: Social class and perceived goal value]. Under second-round review

                       at Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

  • Kay, A. C., Ponce de Leon, R., Kteily, N., & Ho, A. K. [Topic: Egalitarian motives]. Revise and resubmit at Current Directions

                       ​in Psychological Science.

  • Ma, A., Ponce de Leon, R., & Rosette, A.S. [Topic: Gender dynamics in distributive negotiations]. Under review at Journal of

                         Applied Psychology.

  • Ponce de Leon, R. & Rosette, A.S. Race, agency, and leadership: Intersectional stereotypes shape hiring outcomes for women               leaders. Working paper.

  • Ponce de Leon, R., Carter, J.T. & Rosette, A.S. Allied or acting? The role of perceived authenticity and instrumentality in          

                        assessments of white allyship. Working paper.

  • Ponce de Leon, R., Kim, J.Y., & Kay, A.C. Masculine or feminine changes?: Men and women differ in their beliefs about the

                        changes that will promote equality. Data collection.

  • Ponce de Leon, R., Campbell, T.H., & Kay, A.C. The need for control and solution aversion drive distrust in science about

                        COVID-19. Data collection.